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All participants trying out for volleyball or basketball or track & field must have a physical and submit a completed APS Physical Form to the coach prior to participating in tryouts.

  • Students and parents must complete all pages of the APS Physical Form and turn it in prior to practice and/or tryouts.
  • Students must have proof of medical insurance (school insurance, HMO, Medicaid) completed on the Physical Form in order to participate (APS and NMAA rule).
  • A medical doctor or nurse practitioner must examine the student prior to practice and competition to verify the student is cleared to physically participate (APS, NMAA, and State Law).
  • Parents and students must accept the “risk of injury” that is inherent with sports participation by signing the appropriate space on the student physical form.
  • The APS Physical Form must be dated on or after April 1, 2018.

Please contact the school for any additional information.

Athletic Director

Daniel Siegert
Dean of Students
Phone: (505) 877-1279 ext. 50809

Athletics Forms & Information