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Contact Stephanie Anthony  Stephanie Anthony ex: 50907 Community Liaison

HMS Community School

Welcome to our Community School website page.  Here you may find information about the events and things that we are doing with our community.


Southwest Pueblo Consultants and Counseling Services will be up and providing tele health services to those children and families that need services during this time.

Please call 505-241-9316 or 888-9769 to schedule a counseling session.

Information for Workers that are affected by COVID-19

Please Click Here to get more information.

Community Schools are a strategy, not a program.


A strategy for what? A strategy for organizing the resources of the school and community around student success. 

Community Schools are both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources.  Community Schools have an integrated focus on academics, health & social services, community engagement & development, and are open to everyone – before school, after-school, weekends and summers.