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To help connect more low-income families during this difficult time, Comcast is offering any new Internet Essentials customer two free months of Internet service, effective immediately. After the second month, customers are free to cancel their service or remain in the program as paying customers at the heavily discounted Internet Essentials Rate of $9.95 a month. Sign up for Internet Essentials online or call 1-855-846-8376. Spanish-only speakers can call 1-855-765-6995.

Distance Learning HMS

Welcome to HMS Distance Learning!

We hope to bridge learning by offering weekly learning suggestions students can do from home on a phone, i-pad, Android tablet, or a computer.  Please share this information with your child or children.

All cellphones may download Google Classroom for free from the Play Store on each Android device or if you have an Apple device the App store (for i Phone or i Pad).

Please try to follow your class schedule as closely as possible, however understand that you may be able to access the assignments throughout the day, because not all classes will be live. Activities can be spread throughout the day or paced as needed if the class has a recording. HMS Distance Learning Schedule

How Students Can See Their Classwork


Subject and Period

Students can Find Classwork at:

Contact Info:

Alexander Morgan

Math, problem solving

Google Classroom

Anthony M. Fischer

7th and 8th grade Social Studies


Becky Morse

Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1

Google Classroom

Brianna Romero

Social Work

Google Classroom:


Info Tech Yr, Info Tech Sem, Problem Solving

Google Classroom

Coach Spencer

Health/Wellness & Phys. Educ.

Google Classroom,  Google Meet & Synergy





Emily Holmes

English Language Development, Special Education

Google Classroom, Office Hours on Google Meets, and phone (505-750-4523)

Jessica Baca


Google Classroom and Google Meet.




Google Classroom

Linda Susana Joyce

Language Arts/Social Studies/Study Skills

You may find assignments on StudentVUE and Google Classroom

Mr. Briel



Mr. Jerry

Math, English, Life Skills, Vocabulary, Current Events, Social Emotional Psychological Flexibility discussion

On-line/ call-in

Mr. Robert Jones

6, 7, 8th Grade SPED Math

Google Classroom

Mr. Sullivan


 Google Classroom  (also to send announcements by text and/or email to parents and students who cannot access Classroom)

Mr. Warner: All science classes will be using Google Classroom as the primary method of learning interaction.

Science grades 7 & 8

Google Classroom

Mrs. Haikin

Special Education Language Arts

Google Classroom

Mrs. Menking

Language Arts and Independent Living.

Google Classroom

Mrs. Ortega

Bilingual Social Studies

Google Classroom, Google Meet

Ms. Brownell

Language Arts, ELD, Art

Google Classroom/Youtube:

Nancy Campbell

6th Grade PE

StudentVUE - students will login to see their assignments.


Science Inclusion

Google Classroom





Rebecca Campbell

7th Grade AVID

Communication will be through Google classroom

Rebecca Campbell

8th AVID

Google classroom

Rebecca Campbell

8th AVID

Google classroom

Rebecca Campbell

Student Council

Google classroom

Rebecca Campbell

Problem Solving

Google classroom

Rebecca Campbell

Safe Schools Alliance

Google classroom

Rebecca Guest

6th grade Social Studies and Language Arts

Google Classroom

Robert Padilla

Eight Grade Science and Spanish

Google Classroom and Synergy

Ryan Palmer

Spanish Language Arts (Artes de lenguaje y literatura en espanol)

Google Classroom

Sandra Ledbetter

Social Studies

Google Classroom

Sandra Ledbetter

Special Education 6th, 7th, and 8th Social Studies

Google Classroom

Sandra Torres

Math and SPIRE

google classroom.  I will also have them log-on to google meets for questions and emotional support.

Susana Flores Payan

Bilingual Math 6th, BIL Math 7th and BIL Science 8th

Nuestras clases virtuales en Google Meet cambiaran su horario al propuesto por la escuela. Ver instrucciones en el Google classroom.

Efrain Grijalva

6th Grade Science and Problem Solving

Google Classroom

Or Fill out the following Google Form:


Samuel Sullivan


Google Classroom, Google Meet,

Administration Letter to Families: Distant Learning

Dear Harrison Families, 

As you know, school closure will remain in effect for the remainder of this school year. 

What does this mean? 
School closure means that the brick and mortar aspect of school will remain closed. That does not mean that the educational learning will stop. We will continue to conduct classroom learning, but obviously, this will be done and look differently. Our staff has been working closely with each other and teachers have already started reaching out to students. 

This new delivery of instruction will begin the week of April 13th. Our new schedule will be posted on our website. 

Visit us at:  We are updating our webpage daily with resources as well as our Continuous Learning Plan. 

We understand some families need a computer during this time. The district is working on distributing Chromebooks to families in need (one per family), starting with the High Schools.  

If you are need of an electronic device, please click here for more information from APS: 

There are many uncertainties as we navigate these uncharted waters. Please stay calm, your student’s best interest is of our utmost importance. 
Please stay safe and healthy during these times. 
Harrison Middle School


Estimadas familias de Harrison: 

Como saben, el cierre de la escuela seguirá vigente durante el resto de este año escolar. 

¿Qué significa esto? 

El cierre de la escuela significará que el aspecto tradicional de la escuela permanecerá cerrado. Eso no significa que el aprendizaje educativo se detendrá. Continuaremos llevando a cabo el aprendizaje en el aula, pero obviamente, esto se hará y tendrá un aspecto diferente. Nuestro personal ha estado trabajando junto y los maestros ya han comenzado a comunicarse con los estudiantes. 

Esta nueva entrega de instrucción comenzará la semana del 13 de abril. Nuestro nuevo horario se publicará en nuestro sitio web. 
Visítenos en: 
Estamos actualizando nuestra página web diariamente con recursos, así como nuestro plan de aprendizaje continuo. 

Entendemos que algunas familias necesitan una computadora durante este tiempo. El distrito está trabajando en la distribución de Chromebooks a familias necesitadas (una por familia), comenzando con las prepas. 

Si necesita un dispositivo electrónico, haga clic aquí para obtener más información de APS: 

Hay muchas incertidumbres mientras navegamos por estas aguas inexploradas. Por favor, mantenga la calma, el mejor interés de su hijo es de suma importancia. 

Por favor, manténgase seguro y saludable durante estos tiempos. 
Harrison Middle School

Revised Lunch Schedule: Effective April 13th

The lunch distribution schedule will change to maximize efficiency for families and our distribution staff.  Lunches will be distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Food will be given for two-day increments. For example: Monday’s pick-up will include food for Monday & Tuesday. 

Starting Week of April 13th:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11:00 – 1:00pm 


Horario de almuerzo revisado: efectivo a partir del 13 de abril

El horario de distribución del almuerzo cambiará para maximizar la eficiencia para las familias y nuestro personal de distribución. Los almuerzos se distribuirán los lunes, miércoles y viernes. Se darán alimentos por incrementos de dos días. Por ejemplo: la recogida del lunes incluirá alimentos para lunes y martes.

A partir de la semana del 13 de abril: lunes, miércoles y viernes de 11:00 a 1:00 p.m.

More Distance Learning Resources

More Resources:

Visit Mrs. Hoover's Library Page for more information on eBooks (Gale eBooks, Destiny Discover, MackinVIA), Library Resources, and accessing classlink from any device using your school id and password.

BrainPop (free to anyone during school closures). Click on "Get Free Access."

Audible (free access during school closures). Scroll down to find a Read-a-loud book just for you. 

Rosetta Stone (learn a language). Good resource for Second Language Learners. 3-months free for students.

Kahn Academy in Spanish. Recursos para los cierres escolares por el COVID 19: Horarios para estudiantes de 4 a 18.

Kahn Academy Daily Learning Schedule (Sample) for 6th - 8th grade.

To view OPTIONAL Learning ideas, click on the following link starting now please go to the APS At-Home Educational Resources for Families website at: